Donor Testimonials

Hegner_lg.jpgStephen Hegner first visited the Cleveland Museum of Art when he was in college and he immediately fell in love. “The museum is the reason I moved to Cleveland.”

A retired middle school principal, Stephen knew that as he embarked upon his retirement he wanted to leave a mark and believed the museum was the best place to do this. “The museum has been so good to me and through my many years in education I realized how much the art education program here means to our children.”

“There is great outreach to the community through the programs that the museum staff produces for school children. All of this aligned with what we were doing in the school system—studying Egypt, trade routes, and various other historical events, the museum gave these lessons a whole new perspective for the children.”

Even though Stephen has retired he continues to help educate the next generation of Clevelanders. As a docent, Stephen leads tours of students and visitors around the museum to learn about the many wonders of the permanent collection. He has also chosen to remember the museum in his estate plans.  Through this generosity Stephen has not only become a member of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Legacy Society, he has also allowed future generations of school students the opportunity to experience the ever-expanding wonder of the museum.



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