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logo_sm.png Growing up in an artistic family, Dr. Isobel Rutherford was aware of paintings and watercolors long before she was aware of her passion for medicine. A pathologist by training, Dr. Rutherford remembers at an early age being captivated by an aunt’s painting that vividly depicted landscapes and events; and she was especially fond of a portrait of her grandmother that her aunt painted.

As a young adult, Dr. Rutherford was the neighbor of Del Gutridge, retired registrar of the Cleveland Museum of Art—who further incited her interest in art by including her in special tours and behind-the-scenes experiences.

A member of the museum since 1988, Dr. Rutherford more recently became a donor in support of her keen interest in conservation. After meeting Per Knutås, the museum’s Eric and Jane Nord chief conservator, and hearing his vision for the department and the extraordinary work that takes place in the various conservation labs, Dr. Rutherford decided she wanted to assist. “Because of my scientific background, conservation seemed like the perfect fit for me,” remarks Dr. Rutherford. “It is an area to which I can easily relate and can really make an impact every year with my special gift to support conservation’s internship program.” Talking through the options with the museum’s gift planning staff also showed Dr. Rutherford that she could use an IRA charitable rollover to make her gift. “It’s a tax incentive for me and provides funding for the museum that it wouldn’t otherwise have,” she explains.

Now Dr. Rutherford makes frequent visits to the museum from her home in Kendal at Oberlin to meet the interns she supports and is energized by their enthusiasm and scholastic acumen. We are grateful to Dr. Rutherford and all donors who, through their philanthropy, help to advance the mission of the museum.



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